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Title: Pareto-Improving Economic Reforms through Dual-Track Liberalization

Author(s): Lawrence J Lau, Yingyi Qian and Gérard Roland

Publication Date: April 1997

Keyword(s): Dual-track price liberalization, General Equilibrium and Pareto-improving economic reforms

Programme Area(s): Transition Economics

Abstract: Pareto-improving economic reforms that also simultaneously achieve efficiency can be implemented through a strategy of ?dual-track? liberalization. Its success requires the feasibility of the original plan and its continued enforcement by the state. The Chinese experience demonstrates that such a strategy works.

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Bibliographic Reference

Lau, L, Qian, Y and Roland, G. 1997. 'Pareto-Improving Economic Reforms through Dual-Track Liberalization'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.