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Title: Representation is Not Sufficient for Selecting Gender Diversity

Author(s): Justus Baron, Bernhard Ganglmair, Nicola Persico, Timothy Simcoe and Emanuele Tarantino

Publication Date: April 2021


Programme Area(s): Organizational Economics

Abstract: Representation of women and minorities in a "selectorate" ?? the group that chooses an organization's leaders ?? is a key mechanism for promoting diversity. We show that representation, on its own, is not sufficient for selecting gender diversity: a supportive organizational culture is also required. In the case of the Internet Engineering Task Force, a random increase in female representation in its selection committee caused an increase in female appointments only after cultural norms supporting diversity and inclusion became more salient.

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Bibliographic Reference

Baron, J, Ganglmair, B, Persico, N, Simcoe, T and Tarantino, E. 2021. 'Representation is Not Sufficient for Selecting Gender Diversity'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.