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Title: When Bonuses Backfire: Evidence from the Workplace

Author(s): Jakob Alfitian, Dirk Sliwka and Timo Vogelsang

Publication Date: June 2021

Keyword(s): Absenteeism, Compensation, Crowding-Out, field experiment, monetary incentives and time-off incentive

Programme Area(s): Organizational Economics

Abstract: Monetary incentives are widely used to align employees' actions with the objectives of employers. We conduct a field experiment in a retail chain to evaluate whether an attendance bonus reduces employee absenteeism. The RCT assigned 346 apprentices for one year to either a monetary attendance bonus, a time-off bonus or a control group. We find that neither form of the bonus reduced absenteeism, but the monetary bonus increased absence by around 45%. This backfiring effect is persistent and driven by the most recently hired apprentices. Survey results reveal that the bonus shifted the perception of absenteeism as acceptable behavior.

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Bibliographic Reference

Alfitian, J, Sliwka, D and Vogelsang, T. 2021. 'When Bonuses Backfire: Evidence from the Workplace'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.