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Title: De-escalation technology: the impact of body-worn cameras on citizen-police interactions

Author(s): Daniel Barbosa, Thiemo Fetzer, Pedro CL Souza and Caterina Vieira

Publication Date: September 2021

Keyword(s): field experiment, police citizen interaction, technology and use-of-force

Programme Area(s): Development Economics and Public Economics

Abstract: We provide experimental evidence that monitoring of the police activity through body-worn cameras reduces use-of-force, handcuffs and arrests, and enhances criminal reporting. Stronger treatment effects occur on events classified ex-ante of low seriousness. Monitoring effects are moderated by officer rank, which is consistent with a career concern motive by junior officers. Overall, results show that the use of body-worn cameras de-escalates conflicts.

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Barbosa, D, Fetzer, T, Souza, P and Vieira, C. 2021. 'De-escalation technology: the impact of body-worn cameras on citizen-police interactions'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.