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Title: The effect of exposure to ethnic minorities on ethnic preferences

Author(s): Pascal Achard, Sabina Albrecht, Elena Cettolin, Riccardo Ghidoni and Sigrid Suetens

Publication Date: May 2022

Keyword(s): attitudes toward ethnic diversity, discrimination, Immigration, intergroup contact, panel data, prejudice, Refugees and voting

Programme Area(s): Political Economy and Public Economics

Abstract: We investigate the effect of exposure to ethnic minorities on the majority's preferences with regard to that group using individual-level panel data from the Netherlands. The data combine ethnic preferences with administrative data on refugee facilities. The study period is marked by a sudden inflow of refugees in some neighborhoods. We find that individuals living close to refugee facilities developed a more positive attitude toward ethnic minorities and became less inclined to support anti-immigration parties. Preferences of individuals living farther away remained unchanged. An investigation of channels suggests that the local effect is due to contact between residents and refugees.

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Bibliographic Reference

Achard, P, Albrecht, S, Cettolin, E, Ghidoni, R and Suetens, S. 2022. 'The effect of exposure to ethnic minorities on ethnic preferences'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.