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Title: The Choice and Timing of Foreign Market Entry under Uncertainty

Author(s): Enrico Pennings and Leo Sleuwaegen

Publication Date: June 2000

Keyword(s): irreversible investment, Joint Ventures, Nash bargaining, Tax Policy and Uncertainty

Programme Area(s): International Trade and Regional Economics

Abstract: This paper sheds new light on why timing and entry mode should be considered simultaneously. We derive the profit levels at which it is optimal to switch from exporting to setting up a wholly owned subsidiary, creating a joint venture, or licensing production to a local firm. The preferred entry mode depends on uncertainty about future profits, tax differentials between the home and the foreign country, the cost advantages of local firms, institutional requirements, and the degree of cooperation between partners in a joint venture.

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Pennings, E and Sleuwaegen, L. 2000. 'The Choice and Timing of Foreign Market Entry under Uncertainty'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.