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Title: The Benefits and Costs of Group Affiliation: Evidence from East Asia

Author(s): Stijn Claessens, Joseph P.H. Fan and Larry Lang

Publication Date: May 2002

Keyword(s): agency costs, emerging markets and groups

Programme Area(s): Financial Economics

Abstract: This Paper investigates the benefits and associated agency costs of using internal capital markets through affiliating with groups using data of two thousand firms from nine East Asian economies between 1994-96. We find that mature and slow-growing firms with ownership structures more likely to create agency problems gain more from group affiliation, while young and high-growth firms are more likely lose. Agency problems are important explanatory factors of firm value in economies outside Japan, but less so in Japan. Consistent with the literature, financially constrained firms benefit from group affiliation. Our results are robust to different time periods and estimation techniques.

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Claessens, S, Fan, J and Lang, L. 2002. 'The Benefits and Costs of Group Affiliation: Evidence from East Asia'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.