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Title: Property Tax and Urban Sprawl. Theory and Implications for U.S. Cities

Author(s): Yan Song and Yves Zenou

Publication Date: November 2005

Keyword(s): fully-closed city, instrumental variables, property tax, urban economics and urban sprawl

Programme Area(s): Public Economics

Abstract: This article attempts a formal analysis of the connection between property tax and urban sprawl in U.S. cities. We develop a theoretical model that includes households (who are also landlords) and land developers in a regional land market. We then test the model empirically based on a national sample of urbanized areas. The results we obtained from both theoretical and empirical analyses indicate that increasing property tax rates reduces the size of urbanized areas.

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Bibliographic Reference

Song, Y and Zenou, Y. 2005. 'Property Tax and Urban Sprawl. Theory and Implications for U.S. Cities'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.