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Title: A Survey of the Literature on the WTO Dispute Settlement System

Author(s): Henrik Horn and Petros C Mavroidis

Publication Date: December 2006

Keyword(s): DSU and WTO dispute settlement

Programme Area(s): International Trade and Regional Economics

Abstract: This paper surveys the law and economics literature on WTO dispute settlement. As a background, we first briefly lay out main features of the legal framework, and discuss possible roles of a dispute settlement mechanism. We then discuss the two main themes in the empirical literature on dispute settlement: (i) the determinants of participation by members as complainants, respondents and third parties; and (ii) the role of the DS system for the settling of disputes. The paper finally points to a number of areas that are in need of further research.

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Horn, H and Mavroidis, P. 2006. 'A Survey of the Literature on the WTO Dispute Settlement System'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.