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Title: Do Voters Vote Sincerely?

Author(s): Arianna Degan and Antonio Merlo

Publication Date: March 2007

Keyword(s): falsifiability, spatial models, testing and voting

Programme Area(s): Public Economics

Abstract: In this paper we address the following question: To what extent is the hypothesis that voters vote sincerely testable or falsifiable? We show that using data only on how individuals vote in a single election, the hypothesis that voters vote sincerely is irrefutable, regardless of the number of candidates competing in the election. On the other hand, using data on how the same individuals vote in multiple elections, the hypothesis that voters vote sincerely is potentially falsifiable, and we provide general conditions under which the hypothesis can be tested. We then consider an application of our theoretical framework and assess whether the behaviour of voters is consistent with sincere voting in U.S. national elections in the post-war period. We find that by and large sincere voting can explain virtually all of the individual-level observations on voting behaviour in presidential and congressional U.S. elections in the data.

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Bibliographic Reference

Degan, A and Merlo, A. 2007. 'Do Voters Vote Sincerely?'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.