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Title: International Trade, Security and Transnational Terrorism: Theory and Empirics

Author(s): Daniel Mirza and Thierry Verdier

Publication Date: March 2007

Keyword(s): globalization, security and terrorism

Programme Area(s): International Trade and Regional Economics

Abstract: In this paper, we offer a general analytical framework to illustrate the complex two-way interactions between trade and transnational terrorism. We then survey the recent economic literature in light of this framework by pointing to the importance in empirical studies a) to control appropriately for these interactions, b) to distinguish between 'source' countries and 'target' countries of terrorism and c) to take into account the intertemporal persistence of terrorism between specific pairs of countries.

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Bibliographic Reference

Mirza, D and Verdier, T. 2007. 'International Trade, Security and Transnational Terrorism: Theory and Empirics'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.