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Title: Monetary Geography Before the Industrial Revolution

Author(s): Marc Flandreau, Christophe Galimard, Clemens Jobst and Pilar Nogues-Marco

Publication Date: February 2009

Keyword(s): history, international currency, international monetary system and network analysis

Programme Area(s): International Macroeconomics

Abstract: In this article, we study Europe's monetary geography on the eve of the Industrial Revolution. Our unit of analysis is the city and we explore inter-city linkages. Important findings include a considerable degree of integration and multilateralism with monetary centers having already emerged as vehicles for international settlements, before the Industrial Revolution.

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Bibliographic Reference

Flandreau, M, Galimard, C, Jobst, C and Nogues-Marco, P. 2009. 'Monetary Geography Before the Industrial Revolution'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.