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Title: The Brain Gain of Corporate Boards: A Natural Experiment from China

Author(s): Mariassunta Giannetti, Guanmin Liao and Xiaoyun Yu

Publication Date: October 2012

Keyword(s): corporate boards, corporate governance, firm performance, firm productivity and human capital

Programme Area(s): Development Economics and Financial Economics

Abstract: We study the impact of directors with foreign experience on firms in emerging markets. To establish causality, we use a unique dataset from China and exploit that at different times, Chinese provinces introduced policies to attract highly talented emigrants. These policies led to an exogenous increase in the supply of Chinese individuals with foreign experience in the local labor market and ultimately increased the likelihood that firms in these provinces had directors with foreign experience in comparison to firms with a similarly high demand for these skills elsewhere. We document that hiring directors with foreign experience results in higher firm valuation, productivity, and profitability. Furthermore, corporate governance improves and firms are more likely to make international acquisitions, to export, and to raise funds internationally. These results indicate that the transfer of knowledge to emerging markets occurs not only through foreign investment, but also through labor flows and, in particular, return migration.

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Bibliographic Reference

Giannetti, M, Liao, G and Yu, X. 2012. 'The Brain Gain of Corporate Boards: A Natural Experiment from China'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.