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Title: Irish Economic Growth, 1945-88

Author(s): Cormac Ó Gráda and Kevin Hjortshřj O'Rourke

Publication Date: June 1994

Keyword(s): Convergence, Economic Growth and Ireland

Programme Area(s): Human Resources

Abstract: The paper reviews the economic performance of the Republic of Ireland since 1945. Its focus is comparative: Ireland's record is assessed against the evidence in OECD and Penn Mark V datasets for a `convergence club' of European economies, and is found wanting. The comparison confirms that the 1950s were a particularly bleak decade for Ireland but, more surprisingly, Ireland also performed less well than predicted by convergence criteria in both 1960-73 and 1973-88. The paper then assesses a range of explanations for this poor performance.

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Bibliographic Reference

Ó Gráda, C and O'Rourke, K. 1994. 'Irish Economic Growth, 1945-88'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.