DP1081 Evaluating Unemployment Policies: What do the Underlying Theories Tell Us?

Author(s): Dennis J. Snower
Publication Date: December 1994
Keyword(s): Demand Management, Laissez Faire, Structural Policies, Supply-Side Policies, Unemployment, Unemployment Policies
JEL(s): E32, E63, J21, J23, J32, J41, J51, J64
Programme Areas: Human Resources
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The paper surveys unemployment policies for advanced market economies and evaluates them by examining the predictions of the underlying macroeconomic theories. The basic idea is that, for the most part, different unemployment policy prescriptions rest on different macroeconomic theories, and our confidence in the prescriptions should depend - at least in part - on the ability of these theories to predict some salient stylized facts about unemployment behaviour. The paper considers four types of policies: laissez-faire, demand-management, supply-side, and structural.