DP13006 Macroeconomics with Heterogeneous Agents and Input-Output Networks

Author(s): David Rezza Baqaee, Emmanuel Farhi
Publication Date: June 2018
Date Revised: December 2018
Keyword(s): aggregation, comovement, Heterogeneous Agents, production networks, propagation
Programme Areas: Monetary Economics and Fluctuations, Macroeconomics and Growth
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The goal of this paper is to simultaneously unbundle two interacting reduced-form building blocks of traditional macroeconomic models: the representative agent and the aggregate production function. We introduce a broad class of disaggregated general equilibrium models with Heterogeneous Agents and Input-Output networks (HA-IO). We characterize their properties through two sets of results describing the propagation and the aggregation of shocks. Our results shed light on many seemingly disparate applied questions, such as: sectoral comovement in business cycles; factor-biased technical change in task-based models; structural transformation; the effects of corporate taxation; and the dependence of fiscal multipliers on the composition of government spending.