DP1533 The Multilateral Trade Agenda: Uruguay Round Implementation and Beyond

Author(s): Joseph Francois, Brad McDonald
Publication Date: December 1996
Keyword(s): Trade Liberalization, Uruguay Round, World Trade Organization
JEL(s): F13, F47
Programme Areas: International Trade and Regional Economics
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In this paper we provide a quantitative examination of initiatives for post-Uruguay Round liberalization in ?traditional? GATT/WTO market access areas, as a counterpoint to the recent policy literature on newer issues such as the environment, competition policy, and labour standards. We emphasize issues such as industrial tariff liberalization, agricultural trade liberalization, recent proposals for free trade in information technologies, and an expanded Agreement on Government Procurement, along with the benefits of fully implementing the Uruguay Round Agreements. We provide a quantitative assessment of the relative magnitudes of various liberalization proposals using a computable model of the global economy.