The VoxTalk podcast series began in 2008 and now, along with the new weekly episodes, it offers access to a fascinating archive of world-class economists discussing their research in detail.

VoxEU Talk

Piketty on equality

Recorded live at CEPR Paris Symposium 2022: Thomas Piketty’s short new book promises A brief history of equality. He tells Tim Phillips about why institutions are precarious, why policymakers should consider the consequences for inequality before they intervene – but also why we should be optimistic about the long-term trends in equality.

Helicopter money
VoxEU Talk

What can helicopter money do?

If you're going to drop lots of money from a helicopter, what will happen to the economy? When would it make a difference, and to who? Helicopter money is increasingly being taken seriously as policy. Ricardo Reis tells Tim Phillips whether helicopter money really can solve our economic problems.