CEPR-TFI Event –  Bigtech and Fintech

CEPR-TFI Event: Bigtech and Fintech

Thursday 19 September 2019

18:00-19:30 CEPR-TFI Event –  Bigtech and Fintech
-    Welcome Slides: Mark Cliffe, Chief Economist & Head of Global Research (ING Group)
-    Opening Remarks: Andreas Fuster, Economic Advisor (Swiss National Bank and CEPR) and            Amit Seru, Professor of Finance (Stanford University and CEPR)

-    Slides - Leonardo Gambacorta, Head of Innovation and the Digital Economy (BIS and CEPR)
-    Devie Mohan, Co-founder and CEO (Burnmark)
-    Tommaso Valletti, Professor of Economics (Imperial College London and CEPR)

Panel Discussion

Chair: Amit Seru, Professor of Finance (Stanford University and CEPR)