CEPR Household Finance Seminar Series

Registering for the seminar series: You will only need to register once to participate in the whole series. An email with a Zoom link to each seminar will be emailed to you an hour before each seminar. You can suspend or reverse your registration at any time by returning here.

Submitting a paper for the seminar series: This is optionall. If you have a paper that you wish to be considered for the seminar series, please tick the "Would you like to submit a paper?" box on the registration form.  

CEPR Household Finance Seminar Series

The CEPR Network on Household Finance is launching a new online seminar series on Household Finance. The series is currently run by Cristian Badarinza (National University of Singapore) and Vimal Balasubramaniam (Queen Mary University of London). We meet once a fortnight on Friday (CEST/CET 15:00) on Zoom. This is structured like a regular seminar, with light-touch moderation and opportunities to ask questions during the presentation. The Zoom link to each seminar will be made available on email, one hour before the session.

To receive information on how to join each seminar, please sign up to our CEPR Household Finance mailing list by clicking https://portal.cepr.org/cepr-household-finance-seminar-series. Follow us on twitter (@cepr_org) and visit our webpage https://cepr.org/cepr-household-finance-seminar-series. The network has set up a Google Calendar where information on its activities will be posted. Talks will be regularly updated on the Google Calendar (click to access the Google Calendar and click to access in iCal format).

There is an opportunity for interested potential speakers to submit papers by clicking https://portal.cepr.org/cepr-household-finance-seminar-series. We solicit papers in the following areas, but other related areas are also welcome:

  • Asset allocation and debt behaviour over the life cycle
  • Financing retirement and the demographic transition
  • Consumer indebtedness, financial distress, and default decisions
  • Behavioural approaches to household finance
  • Financial literacy and financial education programs
  • Trust, subjective expectations, pessimism, and financial decisions
  • International comparisons of household finances using micro-data
  • Financial advice and legal protection of investors and borrowers 
  • Financial innovation and household finances
  • Households liquidity and risk management 
  • Climate change, sustainability, and household finances

You can update your registration with a new paper submission, or a temporary or permanent withdrawal of the registration at any time by visiting this link.

On the registration form, please use the "Comments" box for the following purposes:

  • Provide the URL to your official website - please note that this is mandatory
  • A link to the paper
  • To unsubscribe
  • Any other message you wish to relay to the organisers
We are looking forward to fruitful interactions and wide participation from different parts of the world. 
Kind regards,

Michael Haliassos
Director, CEPR Network on Household Finance

Next Seminar

  • Friday 7 August 2020, 3pm-4pm CEST

Francesco D'Acunto

Speaker: Francesco D'Acunto (Boston College)

Paper Title: Identity and Choice under Risk

CEPR Household Finance Calendar

Upcoming Seminars

Past Seminars

  • Friday 10 July 2020, 3pm-4pm CEST

Speaker: Moritz Kuhn (University of Bonn and CEPR) 

Co-Authors: Moritz Schularick (University of Bonn and CEPR), Ulrike Steins (University of Bonn) and Alina Bartscher (University of Bonn)

Paper Title: Modigliani Meets Minsky: Inequality, Debt, and Financial Fragility in America, 1950-2016

  • Friday 24 July 2020, 3pm-4pm CEST

Speaker: Pascal Noel (University of Chicago)

Co-authors: Peter Ganong (University of Chicago and NBER), Damon Jones (University of Chicago and NBER), Diana Farrell (JPMorgan Chase Institute), Fiona Greig (JPMorgan Chase Institute) and Chris Wheat (JPMorgan Chase Institute)

Paper Title: Wealth, Race, and Consumption Smoothing of Typical Income Shocks


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