€-coin stabilizes in July

Friday, July 27, 2018
  • In July €-coin remained substantially unchanged (0.49 from 0.48 in June) at levels that are consistent with continued growth in euro-area GDP.
  • The positive contribution provided by the increase in share prices was offset by the negative effects generated by the weakening in world trade and the decline in the business confidence outlook. 
  • The €-coin indicator developed by the Bank of Italy provides a summary index of the current economic situation in the euro area. The indicator is an estimate of quarterly GDP growth shorn of the most erratic components (seasonal variations, measurement errors and short-run volatility). €-coin is published monthly by the Bank of Italy and CEPR.
  • Next €-coin release dates: Friday, 31 August and Friday 28 September (preliminary).

€-coin and euro-area GDP – July 2018

Sources: Bank of Italy and Eurostat.

More information is available at http://eurocoin.cepr.org/