73rd Economic Policy Panel Meeting

Monday, April 12, 2021

73rd Economic

Policy Panel

The Spring 2021 Economic Policy Panel Meeting will be held online on 15 and 16 April and the papers presented will focus on ‘The Economics of Covid-19’. The two-day event will be livestreamed on the Economic Policy website here >>>

The coronavirus crisis has increased inequality in many dimensions. Two new studies of the inequality effects of Covid-19 and potential policy responses will be launched at an online panel discussion hosted by Europe’s leading economic policy journal on Thursday 15 April at 5 PM (CEST), titled ‘Tackling the Inequality Effects of Covid – and How to Pay for It’.

Stefanie Stantcheva will bring together evidence on the impacts of Covid-19 on inequality by region, by work sector, by gender and for children from different backgrounds. She will also explore avenues for policy action, as will Gabriel Zucman in a separate report, co-authored with Emmanuel Saez, presenting a new proposal for sharing the burden of paying for the global pandemic. The presentations will be followed by a discussion with Ngaire Woods and Rana Foroohar

Registrations for this online panel discussion are now open. Access the full Programme here

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