Alberto Alesina 1957-2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

It is with great sadness that CEPR has learnt that Alberto Alesina died on May 23rd.

Alberto played an instrumental role at CEPR. His appointment as a CEPR Research Fellow in 1987 came during his first year as assistant professor. This was exceptional, as all CEPR Research Fellows at the time were tenured. Richard Portes, CEPR’s Founder and Honorary President puts it succinctly: “It was clear that he was indeed exceptional - why wait?” Alberto contributed significantly to CEPR over his career. He drafted important conference volume papers on public debt and was a major figure in CEPR’s activities on European monetary integration in the early years and in the Centre’s work on political economy within the International Macroeconomics programme.

He was passionate about real-world economic problems and reaching broad audiences, and wrote almost 40 columns for VoxEU.

Two VoxEU columns have been published recognizing Alberto's contribution to the economics profession. One, by CEPR’s President Beatrice Weder di Mauro, together with his long-term collaborators Francesco Giavazzi and Guido Tabellini, can be found at Another, by Elias Papaioannou and Stefanie Stantcheva, can be found at