CEPR Discussion Paper update week ending 13/09/2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

This lists all the CEPR Discussion Papers uploaded to www.cepr.org in the last week. Clicking on the Discussion Paper number in the list below will take you to the abstract page for that paper and clicking on the PDF link will take you directly to the paper itself if you are a Corporate Member of CEPR, a CEPR Research Fellow or Affiliate or a subscriber to CEPR Discussion Papers.

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Investing in Systematic Factor Premiums Kees Koedijk FE DP10824
Alfred Slager
Philip Stork
Reference Point Formation Kees Koedijk FE DP10823
Charles Noussair
Rachel A J Pownall
Ayse Terzi
Earmarking and the political support of fat taxes Helmuth Cremer PE DP10822
Catarina Goulão
Kerstin Roeder
Identification and Estimation of Preference Distributions When Voters Are Ideological Áureo De Paula IO DP10821
Antonio Merlo PE
Are retail traders compensated for providing liquidity? Jean-Noël Barrot FE DP10820
Ron Kaniel
David Sraer
Money Creation: Tax or Public Liquidity? Pietro Reichlin FE DP10819
Fear of Liftoff: Uncertainty, Rules and Discretion in Monetary Policy Normalization Athanasios Orphanides IMF DP10818
Exit expectations and debt crises in currency unions Alexander Kriwoluzky IMF DP10817
Gernot Müller
Martin Wolf
Urban Networks: Spreading the Flow of Goods, People, and Ideas Edward L Glaeser IT DP10816
Giacomo AM Ponzetto MG
Yimei Zou  
Predictable Recoveries Xiaoming Cai MEF DP10815
Wouter Den Haan
Jonathan Pinder
Unemployment (Fears) and Deflationary Spirals Wouter Den Haan MEF DP10814
Pontus Rendahl
Markus Riegler