CEPR launches the Trade Policy Research Network

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Trade Policy Research Network (TPRN) – led by Joe Francois (University of Bern) and Bernard Hoekman (EUI) – brings together researchers working on theoretically well-grounded analysis that is directly relevant to international trade and investment policy questions. The focus of activities is on boosting our understanding of the economic impact of measures affecting trade and investment and improving data on trade-related policies. Network members work towards improving simulation models and expanding them to include developments such as firm heterogeneity and global value chains – under the umbrella of the Trade Policy Modelling Forum (TPMF) – as well as empirical analysis of behind-the-border domestic regulatory measures, trade agreements.  
The TPRN holds an annual symposium – the World Trade Forum – that rotates between the World Trade Institute (WTI) at the University of Bern and the European University Institute. It also hosts periodic workshops and conferences on trade policy topics, including a bi-annual workshop on trade in services. TPRN events generally bring together researchers, policy officials, and representatives of international organizations to ensure the two way flow between researchers and practitioners. 


  • 1st TPRN World Trade Forum (WTF) conference, Bern (Sept 2015).
  • 2nd TPRN World Trade Forum (WTF) conference, EUI in Florence (Sept 2016) 
  • 3rd TPRN World Trade Forum (WTF) conference, Grindelwald (Sept 2017)  
  • 1st services workshop, 2015.

Interested researchers and institutions should contact Programmes and Outreach Officer, Simran Bola ([email protected])