CEPR Research Fellow Oleg Itskhoki is awarded the 2022 John Bates Clark Medal

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The John Bates Clark Medal is awarded annually each April by the American Economic Association to an economist under the age of forty who is judged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. An announcement from the Awards Committee stated: 

"Oleg Itskhoki has made fundamental contributions to both international finance and international trade. In international finance, he has upended long-standing explanations for exchange rate puzzles, replacing them with new conceptual frameworks for understanding exchange rate movements. In international trade, his research sheds new light on the link between globalization and within-country income inequality. Itskhoki’s insights into both trade and exchange rate behavior have far-reaching implications for optimal policy that will be the focus of considerable research in the years to come.

Through his masterful application of empirical and theoretical tools, Itskhoki has revisited classic questions in both international finance and international trade, resolving long-standing puzzles and offering new economic insights into important phenomena in international economics. He is a worthy recipient of the Clark Medal."

Oleg Itskhoki is a Research Fellow in CEPR's International Trade and Regional Economics (IT) programme area. He holds the Venu and Ana Kotamraju Endowed Chair in Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is an NBER research associate and an associate editor of the American Economic Review. His research interests are in macroeconomics and international economics, where he studies globalisation and labour markets, and currencies, exchange rates and international relative prices, as well as other topics.

Oleg's CEPR Discussion Papers can be found here, including:

He has also written for VoxEU, including:

Read the full statement from American Economic Association here