CEPR Researchers selected for ESRB Advisory Scientific Committee

Friday, March 18, 2011

CEPR Researchers Viral Acharya, Arnoud Boot, Markus Brunnermeier, Stefan Gerlach, Marco Pagano, Jean-Charles Rochet, André Sapir and Charles Wyplosz are among the 15 members of the European Systemic Risk Board's newly established Advisory Scientific Committee (ASC). Other members of the Committee include Alberto Giovannini, a former CEPR Programme Director, and Martin Hellwig, a member of the Centre's Scientific Advisory Committee. The Committee's tasks include improving analytical methodologies to detect risks and assess potential impacts of their materialisation; and designing and calibrating effective macro-prudential policy tools, including improving existing tools or models, as well as proposing new and/or complementary analytical tools and models. The ESRB's General Board also elected Hellwig as Chair, and Rochet and Sapir as Vice-Chairs of the Committee. Members of the Committee are appointed under a renewable four-year mandate.