The Central Bank Communication RPN will draw its researchers from across subfields of economics and finance, including monetary economics, asset pricing, information economics and behavioural economics, as well as other related disciplines such as political science, sociology, psychology or neuroscience, and in both academic and policy institutions. It will provide a natural place for the discussion, development and dissemination of the broad coverage of research being undertaken on the topic using different approaches, and a multidisciplinary perspective. This will be a forum to allow for a close exchange of ideas between the researchers and the central banking community, notably on the questions and issues emerging in current policy-making and applied communications.

The RPN is led by Michael McMahon (CEPR & Oxford University) and supported by an Exeuctive Committe made up of Gabriel Glöcker (Directorate General Communications, European Central Bank) and Michael Ehrmann (Directorate General Research, European Central Bank and CEPR). 

Other members: