The construction of Europe has been a focus area of research and policy at CEPR for decades.  In recent years, CEPR researchers have engaged in the debate about the architecture of the euro area and have contributed a number of influential policy proposals. For example, the “Rebooting Europe Project” endeavoured to find a consensus on the underlying causes and possible solutions of the crisis (Baldwin and Giavazzi 2015 and 2016).  Two reports on Monitoring the Eurozone (2015 and 2016) made concrete proposals on how to reinforce the euro area construction and finally, CEPR Policy Insight 91 (2018), created an intense debate on how to reconcile risk sharing with market discipline in the euro area.  The debate on Euro Area Reform on CEPR's policy portal VoxEU, has now gathered over 30 reactions to this proposal.  

The purpose of the RPN on European Economic Architecture is to become the leading forum for constructive contributions in this area.  It is expected that it will become a key source of expertise on policy issues in particular for the euro area, and will help bridge national divisions in views and create a productive debate.

This RPN, established in September 2018 for an initial three-year term and is currently led by Jean Pisani-Ferry (Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa chair at the EUI in Florence, Senior Fellow at Bruegel and the Peterson Institute and professor of economics at Sciences Po in Paris).