The Household Finance RPN studies the factors contributing to or impacting the financial decisions taken by households around expenditure, saving, borrowing, and investment.

Household Finance was initially established as a CEPR Network in 2015 and expanded into an RPN in 2022. Its purpose is to promote, conduct, shape, and disseminate research in this dynamic field that was initiated about 25 years ago and now attracts the interest of researchers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, whether in academia, central banks, regulatory agencies, fiscal authorities or in the private sector. This field, in which Europe-based researchers have been active since its beginnings in the late 1980s, has benefitted from the increasing complexity of household portfolios, partly because of the demographic transition and financial innovation, as well as from the development of pioneering data sets and the development of computational and experimental methods. It organizes the European Workshop and the European Conference on Household Finance, with the participation of researchers based on both sides of the Atlantic, in Asia and Australia, and it takes steps to disseminate household finance research across the globe.

The network puts great emphasis on the promotion of young researchers and awards a now annual Best PhD Student Paper Prize, which recognizes highly promising young researchers and now includes a number of them among its recipients. Read here about the previous recipients of the PhD prize. 

The network also interacts with policymakers, regulators, and the private sector in applying lessons from household finance research and motivating the creation of increasingly connected data sets, combining administrative sources, surveys, and experiments for household finance research and policy. The network also stands ready to collaborate further with initiatives that empower households in their financial choices and promote financial health, as it has done in the past with the Think Forward Initiative.