The Preventing Conflict: Policies for Peace RPN plans to run several events, including an annual workshop. The workshops will have two focuses, one on more general topics to do with conflict, as well as specific topics. The locations hope to rotate between regions in order to accommodate the different locations of the RPN members. These workshops may also link to the CEPR Development Economics annual meeting. 

  • Along with the CEPR Political Economy Group, the Preventing Conflict RPN is hosting The Political Economy Webinar series on the 6 May, 3 June and 1 July. Read more and register.
    Watch the recording of the presentation of the first webinar:

    Watch the recording of the second webinar:


  • First Conference of the CEPR Research and Policy Network on Preventing Conflict: Policies for Peace. On the 4th and 5th of February 2020 the inaugural conference of the new CEPR Research and Policy Network (RPN) on "Preventing Conflict: Policies for Peace" took place at the University of Geneva, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Research Council. This event was organized by the Professors Jérémy Laurent-Lucchetti, Dominic Rohner and Mathias Thoenig from the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne. It featured an illustrious program with various experts on the economics of conflict, as well as a special keynote lecture by the Vice-President of the ICRC, Prof. Gilles Carbonnier. Below you can discover the whole footage of this inspiring conference.