The goal of the Populism RPN is to deliver policy recommendations based on the RPN members’ research. In order to achieve this goal, the RPN will work on three kinds of outputs. 

  • eBooks, which will summarise research by existing fellows. Each of these eBooks will be edited by the RPN leader/co-leaders and will include short contributions by RPN members. There will be at least two eBooks over the life of the project, one in the first year which summarises the current state of existing research, and one in the final year which would be a survey of new and on-going research.
  • Policy Insights (PIs) written by all or subgroups of the RPN – at least one per year. These will describe specific policy proposals. There will be two special Policy Insights in the format of an open letter signed by all or majority of RPN members – somewhat akin to the initial paper written by the 14 French and German economists which was published as CEPR Policy Insight 21 (https://cepr.org/content/new-research-cepr-policy-insight-no91). 
  • Create and maintain a VoxEU Populism Page edited by designated members of the group. 

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