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Membership of CEPR offers the corporate community unique access to some of Europe’s top economists and their research on issues shaping Europe’s economic, political and financial future. 

The CEPR membership programme is an invitation to join our forum of interaction between leading researchers, policymakers and the business community. Membership of CEPR can provide a powerful company resource – through business networking, brand exposure, and access to cutting-edge research findings and an unparalleled research network.

"CEPR has made a tremendous difference to European economic research and the way it is conducted." Axel A. Weber, Chairman of the Board, UBS AGThree categories of membership are currently available: Standard and Premium Membership and CEPR Partnership. Members can enjoy varying degrees of access and involvement, and benefits accumulate with increased levels of commitment.




Standard Members (who contribute €10,000 per annum) receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited free electronic access to our Discussion Paper series for up to ten members of staff
  • Invitations to CEPR's public discussion meetings in all European capitals
  • Access to EuroCOIN™, CEPR's leading coincident indicator of the euro area business cycle, available in real time
  • Regular updates, including a weekly summary of key articles from the VoxEU website, the Discussion Paper weekly update and a quarterly events calendar
  • Monthly CEPR Research Highlights Newsletter
  • Invitation to the CEPR Roundtable, which takes place evvery nine months and brings together CEPR members, major funders and Research Fellows with high-level policymakers, to discuss current economic issues. Recent Roundtables have focussed on macroprudential regulation; secular stagnation; and the consequences of low interest rates, among other topics"The premier centre of policy-oriented research in Europe, perhaps even in the world." Stanley Fischer, Vice-Chairman of the US Federal Reserve System and former Governor of the Bank of Israel
  • Video recordings of public meetings, if available, and electronic copies of papers and presentations
  • Opportunities to host academic conferences
  • A complimentary copy of all books and reports published by CEPR
  • For an additional fee of €5,000: Opportunity to publish up to five columns per year on CEPR’s policy portal VoxEU


Premium Members (who contribute €20,000 per annum) are the core supporters with a higher degree of active participation in reserach. In particular, CEPR works with its Platinum Members to find creative ways of fostering interactions among leading CEPR scholars. The key to Platinum Membership is its adaptability to specific interests, but it always includes:

"CEPR's Discussion Papers have become effective tools to disseminate research; the Centre's conferences are among the most important in Europe; and the articles, audio interviews, eBooks and online debates on Vox provide a novel perspective on many issues." Mario Draghi, President, European Central Bank
An invitation for a senior representative to the Leaders' Circle, a high-level meeting which brings together key supporters and stakeholders of CEPR under the guidance of CEPR’s Chairman, Sir Charles Bean, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. It provides a forum for a frank exchange of views between leaders of the financial and central banking community, key decision 
makers and top academics. The Leaders’ Circle convenes annually with the aim of identifying crucial issues of importance to the global economic and financial community, and addressing them in a manner that draws on diverse viewpoints, while being beneficial to all concerned. Circle Members also have the opportunity to make suggestions on CEPR’s research and policy direction. The 2016 Leaders' Circle featured Olivier Blanchard, and Maurice Obstfeld led discussions at the Leaders' Circle in October 2017.

  • Access to publishing up to five columns per year on VoxEU.org. The procedures for selecting columns will be settled by agreement between the Platinum members’ research leader and the VoxEU Editor-in-Chief."CEPR has made a unique contribution to the application of serious empirical research to economic policy debates in Europe." Mervyn King, Former Governor, Bank of England
  • Direct access to CEPR’s research network, co-ordinated through the Centre’s London offices. CEPR works to put Platinum members in touch with the appropriate specialist to facilitate discussion on specific issues that are of interest to that member.
  • Electronic access to CEPR's Discussion Paper series for all staff members via a site user license


CEPR Partnership

For a selected group of close partners. CEPR Partners (who contribute €50,000 + per annum) benefit from a tailor-made relationship and engagement with senior CEPR leadership.

A partner gains full access to all CEPR academic and policy activities by designating a senior representative as a CEPR Associated Fellow. A partner is invited to sit on the CEPR Advisory Board which meets once per year in London. A partner often collaborates in a special research programme or publication and has the opportunity to publish at least ten columns per year on CEPR’s policy portal VoxEU, as well as deeper involvement with VoxEU by utilising its social media channels, Blogs&Reviews pages and debates. A partner has the opportunity to sponsor CEPR reports and launches, providing a wealth of opportunity to promote the organisation, raise brand awareness, or host clients.

The Centre’s goal is to promote research excellence with real-world relevance and connect top-flight researchers with decision makers to encourage a two-way exchange of insights and knowledge. The holders of CEPR Gold and Platinum membership/subscriptions are critical in helping the Centre accomplish this mission. To find out more about how your company can take advantage of Corporate Membership/Subscriptions of CEPR, please contact Nadine Clarke, Head of Development and Events (Tel: +44 (0)207 183 8810 Email: [email protected]).