Research projects are underway in the following Programme Areas:

CEPR also participates in the COEURE Coordination Action. COEURE (COoperation for EUropean Research in Economics) brings together funders, policy-makers and researchers involved in economic research in Europe in order to identify the current research challenges and knowledge gaps in key areas of European economic policy, in order to inform the EU agenda for research funding in economics under Horizon 2020. The Action is funded by the European Commission and brings together, under the initiative of the European Economic Association, six partner universities as well as CEPR.

COEURE consists of three work packages. The first work package maps the research frontier in key economic areas, and assesses the European contribution to that frontier and its potential to address key EU economic policy issues. The second work package assesses the performance of economic research funding sources and mechanisms across EU member states. The third work package will build on the results from the first two work packages to set out an agenda to strengthen economic research in Europe, its funding and its contribution to EU economic policies.

Further information about the project can be found on the COEURE website.