Economic History Initiative

CEPR is pleased to announce a new initiative in economic history, which aims to make the CEPR the focal point for cliometric research in Europe. There are several reasons for embarking on such an initiative now. 

  • Long run growth has once again become a central issue in macroeconomic research, and intellectual exchanges between growth theorists and economic historians have become more frequent. 
  • Both theorists and applied economists are becoming increasingly interested in the development and impact of institutions, and economic history provides the ideal laboratory for economists interested in such issues. 
  • There is a need for more ‘presentist’ economic history in Europe, which uses history to speak to contemporary debates about globalization, the international financial architecture, deflation, and other pressing policy issues.
  • As European integration progresses, the demand for a coherent account of European economic history, rather than a series of disjointed national histories, becomes more urgent; as does the need for more systematic comparative research.

The aim of the Economic History Initiative is to facilitate interaction between quantitative economic historians and the rest of the economics profession in Europe. To this end, we will seek funding for regular seminars; for more targeted conferences on specific themes of interest to both economists and economic historians; for training activities that will foster a more cliometric and presentist approach to European economic history; and for a network of researchers who could develop a consistent, long run, pan-European data base. 

The coordinators of the Economic History Initiative are Stephen Broadberry and Kevin O'Rourke. They welcome suggestions from all CEPR researchers about other activities which the initiative could engage in.

You can browse discussion papers related to EHI here.

CEPR Researchers Appointed to the EH Initiative

  • Acemoglu, Daron 
  • Altug, Sumru G 
  • Bayoumi, Tamim
  • Botticini, Maristella 
  • Broadberry, Stephen (EH Coordinator)
  • Carlin, Wendy
  • Crafts, Nicholas
  • Eichengreen, Barry
  • Escosura, Leandro Prados de la (Associate)
  • Faini, Riccardo
  • Flandreau, Marc (Meeting Series Coordinator)
  • Galor, Oded
  • Gylfason, Thorvaldur
  • Hatton, Tim
  • Irmen, Andreas 
  • Keller, Wolfgang
  • Kelly, Morgan
  • Moav, Omer
  • Obstfeld, Maurice
  • O'Rourke, Kevin (EH Coordinator)
  • Portes, Richard
  • Ritschl, Albrecht
  • Robinson, James
  • Rodrik, Dani
  • Rosenthal, Jean-Laurent
  • Shiue, Carol Hua
  • Taylor, Alan
  • Toniolo, Gianni
  • Vines, David
  • Voth, Hans-Joachim
  • Williamson, Jeffrey
  • Wyplosz, Charles
  • Zanden, Jan Luiten van (Associate)