Espen R Moen recipient of the Hicks-Tinbergen Award

Friday, June 17, 2022

Congratulations to CEPR Research Fellow Espen R Moen, and co-authors Plamen T Nenov and Florian Sniekers, who have been awarded the 2022 Hicks-Tinbergen Award for their outstanding paper published in the European Economic Association Journal. Entitled 'Buying First or Selling First in Housing Markets', the study provides novel insights into the dynamics of house prices by modeling transaction sequences in housing markets with costly search.

Espen R Moen is a Research Fellow for CEPR's Labour Economics (LE) programme. He is Professor of Economics at BI Norwegian Business School, specialising in economic theory, with applications mainly to labour economics and industrial organisation. You can read a selection of his work below:

Espen's CEPR Discussion Papers can be found here, including:

He has also written for VoxEU, including:

You can read the full statement by the European Economic Association here