Free DP Download 03 September 2021 - How many lives could be saved through the early sharing of vaccines globally?

Friday, September 3, 2021

Mehdi Benatiya Andaloussi, Antonio Spilimbergo CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16372 | July 2021


Vaccination is proceeding along national lines. While over 50 per cent of the population in many advanced countries has been vaccinated, the vaccination rate in the rest of the world is lagging and substantial coverage is expected only in few months. This paper presents a thought experiment of distributing vaccines to the individuals at risk in every country after a substantial share of the population in surplus countries is vaccinated. Under reasonable assumptions, 400 to 800 thousand lives could be saved between June and December 2021, through the early sharing of vaccine surpluses across countries.

You can also listen to a podcast where Mehdi Benatiya Andaloussi discusses the paper's findings with CEPR's Tim Phillips