Free DP Download 18 February 2022 - Reducing Sexual-Orientation Discrimination

Friday, February 18, 2022

Cevat Aksoy, Christopher S. Carpenter, Ralph de Haas, Mathias Dolls, Lisa Windsteiger CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16852 | January 2022

We study basic information treatments regarding sexual orientation using randomized experiments in three countries with strong and widespread anti-gay attitudes: Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Participants who received information about the economic costs to society of sexual-orientation discrimination were significantly more likely than those in a control group to support equal employment opportunities based on sexual orientation. Information that the World Health Organization (WHO) does not regard homosexuality as a mental illness increased social acceptance of sexual minorities, but only for those who reported trust in the WHO. Our results have important implications for policy makers aiming to expand the rights of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people worldwide.

You can now listen to a podcast where Ralph De Haas and Cevat Aksoy tell Tim Phillips about this research.