Gregory Crawford appointed Co-director of the Industrial Organisation Programme

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gregory Crawford will head the Industrial Organisation Programme alongside Andrea Prat from 1st September, replacing Marc Ivaldi who held the post since 2003. Gregory is a Professor of Economics at the University of Zurich, and International Research Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. He holds a BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in Economics from Stanford University. Prior to joining the faculty at Zurich, he held various academic positions in the UK and US at the University of Warwick, Duke University, and the University of Arizona. In 2007-2008, Gregory was the Chief Economist at the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the United States media and communications regulator.

Gregory’s work in empirical economics specialises in the fields of industrial organization, econometrics, and media economics. Much of his work focuses on "evidence-based policymaking": using data on consumer and firm behaviour to understand the mechanisms generating market outcomes in product, and especially media, markets in order to best design public policies in those markets. He is also interested in empirical models of information, learning, and search, endogenous product characteristics and optimal product choice, and the economic effects of advertising. He is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization, and sits on the Editorial Board of Information Economics and Policy.