How to Access CEPR Discussion Papers Online

We offer two authentication procedures for online access - "Site Authorisation" and "Login ID & Password". Subscribers can use either or both of these methods.

  • Site Authorisation: This will be the preferred option for most subscribers because it enables all users at the subscribing site (i.e., a university campus, an institution, or a corporation) to download the full text of all our Discussion Papers. [If your organisation already subscribes to online Working Papers of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), it may be helpful to know that the process of establishing online access to CEPR Discussion Papers is very similar.] To establish Site Authorisation, CEPR needs to know your Domain Name and Network Number(s). Domain Name:Your Domain Name is usually the information that follows the @ in your email address. For example, our Domain Name is ‘’. Network Number: In order to authenticate downloads from more than one computer in your institution, we need to know your Network Number (which is not the same as your computer's IP address). You would probably need to ask your Network Administrator for your Network Number. It will represent a range of IP addresses, and the range of addresses must cover all the computers from which you want users to be authorized to download papers. Depending on the terms of your site license, this may represent all the computers within your department, or within your entire university or your firm. Your Network Number will follow a 'dotted quad' formula -- it is four sets of 1-3 digits, separated by periods. For example, your Network Number might look like or In the first example given above, if your Network Number was, your computer's IP address might be In most cases, your Network Number will end in 0. It is not the same as your computer's IP address, which is only one of the many addresses covered by your Network Number. Because your IP address can only correspond to one computer, we cannot use it to authenticate downloads from all the computers covered by your site license.
  • Login ID & Password: While site authorisation is the most convenient way to access our papers on-site, we also offer access via login ID & password to allow off-site access. This can be used instead of, or in addition to site authorisation and allows anyone with a current email address from a subscribing institution to access our papers through a CEPR profile. Instructions for registering for off-site access can be found here.

Our system is flexible and we can easily adapt it to your requirements. Many libraries, for example, need to list working papers in their Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). This is easy to do: once we have set up your authentication we will supply you with the url which will allow all your authorized users to access our Discussion Papers.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please refer to our FAQ, or contact our Publications Support Desk at [email protected]