International Macro History Online Seminar Series - 10

A consortium of 25 universities and institutions in collaboration with CEPR is launching the International Macro History Online Seminar (IMHOS).

The seminars will run from 23 September to 9 December 2020 and take place on-line every Wednesday, 5pm CET (11am EDT, 8am PDT). The seminars will run for 60’ with extra an optional 15’ for further discussion (primarily reserved for graduate students).

The program is as follows: 
• Sep 23: Niall Ferguson, Black Swans, Dragon Kings and Gray Rhinos: The World War of 1914-1918 and the Pandemic of 2020?
• Sep 30: Ali Kabiri, Harold James, John Landon-Lane, David Tuckett, Rickard Nyman, The Role of Sentiment in the Economy of the 1920s
• Oct 07: Neil Cummins, Hidden Wealth
• Oct 14: Marc Flandreau, How Vulture Investors Draft Constitutions: North and Weingast 30 years Later
• Oct 21: Morgan Kelly, Understanding Persistence
• Oct 28: Francesca Trivellato, When Property Rights Are Not Enough: Lessons from Renaissance Florence
• Nov 04: Caroline Fohlin and Stephanie Collet, The Berlin Stock Exchange in the ‘Great Disorder’
• Nov 11: Amanda Gregg, Steven Nafziger, Corporate Finance of Industry in a Developing Economy: Panel Evidence from Imperial Russia
• Nov 18: Erik Bengtsson, Enrico Rubolino, Daniel Waldenstrom, What Determines the Capital Share over the Long Run of History?
• Nov 25: Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Vladimir Rodriguez-Caballero, Growth, war and pandemics: Europe in the very long-run
• Dec 02: Mark Carlson, Sergio Correia, Stephan Luck, The Effects of Banking Competition on Growth and Financial Stability: Evidence from the National Banking Era
• Dec 09: Kris Mitchener, Gary Richardson, Contagion of fear

The papers and sign-up form for Zoom can be found on the seminar website:

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - 16:00