International Organisation Membership


This category of membership is open to all bilateral and multilateral international organisations, development "CEPR has become a synonym for the kind of economics we need." Mario Draghi, President, European Central Bankbanks and supranationals.

Today’s international organisations must be at the cutting edge of economic analysis. CEPR membership can help with this by connecting international organisations with Europe’s leading network of researchers – a “producers’ cooperative” of over 1000 Fellows and Affiliates based in universities and public sector institutions in Europe and beyond.

CEPR researchers are at the forefront of every area of economic research that is relevant to the 21st century challenges facing international organisations. From international macroeconomics, monetary policy and banking and financial market regulation to labour economics, exchange rate pass-through and global value chains, CEPR researchers are carrying out the research that today’s organisations need to know about as it is being completed.

"CEPR has made a tremendous difference to European economic research and the way it is conducted." Axel A. Weber, Chairman of the Board, UBS AGToday’s economics and finance journals are publishing work based on drafts that first appeared two to four years previously – even discussion paper series are typically six months to a year behind the frontier. These long publication lags mean that following the published academic literature is no longer sufficient. CEPR Membership is an excellent way of staying on top of the latest developments in techniques, thinking and results.

Each year CEPR holds around 70 conferences, workshops and discussion meetings and briefings and publishes over 700 Discussion Papers, Policy Insights, and eBooks. Since 2007, CEPR’s research outreach has been amplified by – the CEPR Policy Portal.

Membership can also enhance your organisation’s profile as an active participant in economics and research. Members are acknowledged publicly on our website and in our Annual Report, and it is also possible to gain additional profile building through conference sponsorship.


International Organisation Members receive a wide range of benefits, varying according to their level of financial engagement with CEPR. We offer a Standard and a Premium package.

Standard Package

  • Direct, electronic access to CEPR Discussion Papers

All staff members of institutions taking on a Standard Package receive free, unlimited and immediate online access to our Discussion Paper series and all for-pay publications. These papers publish cutting edge research findings several months or years before they appear in journals. We now publish over 700 papers annually.

  • Access to publishing on

CEPR Members have assured dissemination of their research to a wide audience via, (CEPR's policy portal) whihc receives visits from 250,000 distinct visitors per month. Specifically, they have the right to publish at least five columns per year on based on papers that appear in their institution's research discussion paper series or similar publications. The procedures for selecting columns will be agreed by the Members' Head of Research and the VoxEu Editor-in-Chief.

  • Regular updates on CEPR activities

Vox weekly updates, CEPR research highlights newsletter and the monthly CEPR forthcoming Events Diary.

  • Possibility of attending CEPR conferences and seminars

Our extensive events programme provides members with an independent forum which allows them to interact with academics, business leaders, diplomats, the media and policymakers. Members can also request invitations for their staff to otherwise closed academic conferences and workshops. These conferences are typically limited in terms of participation by non-academics. 

  • Invitations to the CEPR Roundtable

The Roundtable takes place every nine months and brings together CEPR members, major funders and Research Fellows with high-level policymakers, to discuss current economic issues.

  • The opportunity to sponsor conferences jointly with CEPR on topics of mutual interest "CEPR's Discussion Papers have become effective tools to disseminate research; their conferences are among the most important in Europe; and the articles, audio interviews, eBooks and online debates on Vox provide a novel perspective on many issues." Mario Draghi, President, European Central Bank

CEPR organises conferences of an unrivalled standard. The sound academic backing from our affiliated researchers ensures consistenly strong conference programmes, where top level speakers address issues of direct relevance to Member Institutions' core mission. 

  • One hard copy of any CEPR publication free upon request
  • Acknowledgement in CEPR's Annual Report

Premium Package

Premium Members are core supporters of CEPR and thus enjoy an engagement on the part of CEPR that is qualitatively different from that of our Standard Members. In particular, CEPR works with its Premium Members to find creative ways of fostering interactions of leading CEPR scholars with policymakers and researchers. Premium Membership can be thought of as a bespoke relationship – engagement with our network that is more direct and more selective. This includes – in addition to all the benefits of the Standard Membership:

  • Assured invitation to our CEPR events

All members may request invitations, but Premium Members are assured of up to ten invitations per year for their researchers to CEPR events of their choosing. CEPR will strive to accommodate all requests but in the case of oversubscription or limits on physical capacity, we will follow a first-come-first-served rule with preference granted to Premium Members.

  • Individualised briefing sessions by CEPR Researchers

Premium Members may request special, individualised briefing sessions for their research staff given by CEPR experts. CEPR will intermediate with the researchers to facilitate such meetings.

  • Invitation to the Leaders' Circle

The Leaders' Circle is a high-level meeting which brings together key supporters and stakeholders of CEPR under the guidance of CEPR’s Chairman, Sir Charles Bean, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. It provides a forum for a frank exchange of views between leaders of the financial and central banking community, key decision makers and top academics. The Leaders’ Circle convenes annually with the aim of identifying crucial issues of importance to the global economic and financial community, and addressing them in a manner that draws on diverse viewpoints, while being beneficial to all concerned. Circle Members also have the opportunity to make suggestions on CEPR’s research and policy direction. The 2015 Leader’s Circle featured Paul Krugman, and Olivier Blanchard led discussions at the Leaders' Circle in March 2016.

  • Direct access to a network of over 1000 of Europe's leading economists

We offer our Premium Members a special service by identifying researchers in our network working in specific areas that are of particular interest to them.

Additional information

Please enquire about other special services or activities CEPR can offer your institution, tailored to its special needs.

Should you wish to receive further information, please contact Nadine Clarke, Head of Development and Events.

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