International Trade and Regional Economics

Research in the International Trade and Regional Economics* (ITRE) Programme covers:

  • Economic Geography
  • Political Economy
  • Multinationals and Foreign Direct Investment
  • Trade and Growth
  • Trade, Development and the Environment
  • Trade and European Integration: single market, EU enlargement
  • WTO, Free Trade and the New Transatlantic Marketplace
  • Globalization

The International Trade and Regional Economics Programme is directed by Beata Javorcik (EBRD and University of Oxford).

The Programme now has two  highly successful annual Symposia. The first is the European Workshop in International Trade (ERWIT) has met annually since 1988. It has become the leading research forum in international trade theory and policy in Europe and has played a significant role in raising the profile and quality of research in international economics in Europe. In the late 1980s it became clear that international trade research in Europe was hampered by the lack of communication between researchers in different institutions and countries. ERWIT resulted from the desire to address this problem by bringing together a select group of researchers at a four-day informal conference. The highly successful first ERWIT provided the template for an annual series of conferences. Participants are selected so as to include a mix of established European researchers with international reputations, young academics at the outset of their careers, and a few prominent authors from North America. Interest in taking part in ERWIT is determined through an open call for papers. The number of participants is kept small (around 40) and all expenses are paid by the conference organizers.

Since 1988, the location of ERWIT has changed, from year to year, moving to difference centres of academic excellence throughout Europe. Recent meetings have included:

The Programme also organizes the annual Conference on Urban and Regional Economics. CURE brings together about 30 urban and regional economists from across the world. CURE alternates across the Atlantic, and has been  held in different locations in Europe on odd years and in Princeton, USA on even years. Previous European editions have taken place in Milan and Madrid. When held in Europe, CURE is organised through the ITRE Programme.

Recent meetings of CURE have included:


The ITRE Programme also supports other stand-alone events or seminar series, often run by fellows and affiliates in the Programme.


More information on the International Trade and Regional Economics Programme:

* The International Trade (IT) Programme was renamed the International Trade and Regional Economics Programme in January 2008.