Julia Cagé has won the Prix Pétrarque de l’Essai France Culture – Le Monde

Friday, July 5, 2019


Julia Cagé, who is a CEPR Research Affiliate in the Economic History, Industrial Organization and Public Economics programmes, is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at Sciences Po Paris. Her research interests focus on political economy, economic history, industrial organization and development. She is particularly interested in the media, especially the questions of how media competition affects the provision of information and political attitudes, and of the production of information in an online world. She is a Board member of the Agence France Presse (third largest international news agency in the world) and a Member of the Commission Economique de la Nation (non partisan Council of Economic Advisors to the French Finance Minister).

In 2015, she published Saving the Media. Capitalism, Crowdfunding and Democracy (Paris, Le Seuil), which was translated into 10 languages ​​(English translation, Harvard University Press, 2016) and received the 2016 Special Jury Prize of the Assises du journalisme.

Created in 2012 by France Culture and Le Monde, the Prix Pétrarque de l’Essai annually recognises a book that sheds new light on contemporary democratic issues. This year the prize has been awarded to Julia for her book 'Le Prix de la démocratie' (The Price of Democracy), which examines the issues around the financing of democracy. Based on an unprecedented study of private and public political financing of democracy in a dozen countries over more than fifty years, Julia Cagé takes a scalpel to the state of democracy, dissects the national models and demonstrates the extent of the problem.  More information about the prize here

In this video Julia talks about her book

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