The level of €-coin in November was way above the forecast

Thursday, November 26, 2020
  • €-coin rose in November to 1.18.
  • The rise in the indicator essentially reflects the inclusion in the calculation of the GDP data for the third quarter, for which the estimate became available after the release of the €-coin figure for October
  • The €-coin indicator developed by the Bank of Italy provides a summary index of the current economic situation in the euro area. The indicator is an estimate of quarterly GDP growth shorn of the most erratic components (seasonal variations, measurement errors and short-run volatility). €-coin is published monthly by the Bank of Italy and CEPR.
  • Next €-coin release dates: Wednesday, 30 December and Friday, 29 January (provisional).

€-coin and euro-area GDP – November 2020


Source: Bank of Italy and Eurostat. 
Note: The €-coin series is based on the real time estimates of the indicator at a given date and hence the series is not revised. On the other hand, the GDP growth rates are calculated on the basis of Eurostat’s most recently published series and do reflect any changes in the historical data.

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