Macroeconomics and Growth

The Macroeconomics and Growth (MG) Programme is one of the three successors to the old International Macroeconomics (IM) Programme.

Research in MG programme covers long-run macroeconomic issues including:

  • Economic growth;
  • Inequality;
  • Political economy; and
  • Structural change.

The programme is directed by Francesco Caselli (London School of Economics).

The MG Programme has two regular events.

The first is the European Summer Symposium for International Macroeconomics (ESSIM) which will be joint with the other IM successor programme . ESSIM, CEPR’s long-standing annual symposium for International Macroeconomics, brings together Europe's top macroeconomists with a few US-based scholars for an intensive and highly interactive 4-day conference. There is no central theme for ESSIM rather researchers present their best, current research on macroeconomics. The papers presented are selected on the basis of an annual call for papers.

The second is an annual Programme Symposium, of which the inaugural event will take place in 2016.

More information on the MG Programme: