There is a large and growing demand in Europe for rigorous thinking about the macroeconomic effects of global interdependence. Understanding the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly integrated world, and defining the role of Europe in it is of utmost social importance, and should be on high on the agenda of European academics. In 2006 CEPR launched a Working Group on the Macroeconomics of Global Interdependence (MGI) in order to promote this line of research. 

MGI aims to encourage academic research on the macroeconomic aspects of global integration (broadly defined). This includes research on the macroeconomics of exchange rates; capital flows and international trade; the international transmission of shocks; and the design of macroeconomic policies and institutions for an integrated world. The Working Group  aims to increase the quantity and quality of research on these topics, by fostering interactions among European researchers already working in this area, and by encouraging other European researchers (especially new PhDs) to work on these topics. MGI  operates under the umbrella of the International Macroeconomics Programme, and is led by a Steering Committee comprising Philippe Bacchetta, Giancarlo Corsetti, Philip Lane, Hélène Rey, Jaume Ventura and Beatrice Weder. 

There have been a range of activities that have taken place under the auspices of the MGI. An annual workshop at which research in progress is presented and discussed was launched in 2006 and continues:

​Other events include:

The Steering Committee welcomes suggestions for other activities which could take place under the auspices of MGI. These might include ad-hoc conferences, collaborative research projects, grant applications or policy workshops. If you would like to propose an activity, please contact a member of the Steering Committee or send an email to [email protected]