New CEPR eBook on 'Capitalism after Covid: Conversations with 21 Economists'

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A new CEPR eBook addresses the key challenges the world faces after the Covid pandemic, with contributions from 21 top economists. Discussions provide a wide-ranging, retrospective view of the handling of Covid and considers the best policy response to address the myriad of societal issues formed and exacerbated in the wake of the crisis. The world economy is at a critical juncture, and contributions from this publication make clear that now is the time to address future challenges and build foundations for a more stable, progressive and environmentally friendly future. 

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The eBook consists of 21 interviews with leading economists conducted by Luis Garicano during the first 12 months of the pandemic. Originally published on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and now transcribed here. The contributions illustrate that, beyond the controversies over debt and inflation that often dominate the public debate, economists have a lot to say (and to agree on) on how to make our economies work better in the aftermath of the pandemic: on global value chains, on the future of work and location, on how to fight poverty, on the economics of digital platforms and what to do to constrain their power, on the structural factors behind the long-term drop in interest rates and the ‘savings glut’, on the economics of climate change, and more.

“A crisis of this calibre generates new knowledge and information as well as technological advances, and potentially changes people’s preferences. It thus provides us with an opportunity to take stock and to rethink our societal arrangements”.

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