New CEPR eBook - Latin America: The Post-Pandemic Decade. Conversations with 14 Latin American economists

Monday, December 20, 2021

The devastating effects of the Covid pandemic have been particularly pronounced for countries in Latin America, as the crisis has compounded a series of pre-existing social, economic and health issues which has heaped further pressure on already strained governmental systems. A new CEPR eBook brings together leading Latin American researchers and policymakers to discuss the sizeable challenges ahead and map out policy options for a sustainable, equitable, and stable future for the region. 

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Edited by Ilan Goldfajn and Eduardo Levy-Yeyati, the eBook consists of a series of discussions with experts working across the Latin American region, who raise concerns that long-run damage – such as those interconnected with education deprivation or job destruction - will be large and persistent. Chapters discuss how, without the requisite policy responses, the pandemic will continue to drive excess mortality through disrupted health services, and will worsen economic instability and deepen existing inequalities. Contributors debate what lessons can be learned for future crisis management, suggest reforms for endurable growth, and highlight the impact of social challenges in the region. What is clear is that without policies that put the general interest first in providing goods and services that are essential to the public at the heart of the post-pandemic landscape, societal problems will only worsen.  

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