New CEPR eBook 'Shaping Africa’s Post-Covid Recovery'

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


A new eBook by Simeon Djankov, Ugo Panizza and Rabah Arezki, ‘Shaping Africa’s Post-Covid Recovery’, brings together leading economists working on Africa to evaluate the wide-ranging impacts of the coronavirus facing economies on the continent, and to assess future policy implications. The focus of the authors revolves around the response of governments, firms, households and international organisations. 

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With the world still firmly in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, different regions face a different and yet unique set of challenges to overcome, in order to ensure adequate health and economic outcomes. While Africa has largely avoided serious health ramifications to date, countries across the continent are nonetheless experiencing mounting economic difficulties. Few governments, however, have the necessary institutional capabilities and policies in place to deal with the potential fallout. In addition, although several vaccines are starting to be commercialised and distributed among predominantly advanced economies, Africa faces considerable uncertainty on the logistical and financial challenges associated with a large vaccination campaign.

The challenges highlighted are undoubtedly considerable, yet not necessarily insurmountable. To ensure Africa’s post-Covid economic recovery is effective and durable, regional and international cooperation is paramount. A failure to adequately deal with the issues highlighted in this eBook has the potential to reverse the economic progress made over the last few decades. 

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